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What would happen if you married Teachers Pay Teachers with Etsy and threw in a dash of LinkedIn? You’d get Nexus VA, the Union of expert-created content targeted to the Virtual Assistant industry.

Do you know that over 45% of American workers, at least partially, telecommute?

If you want to join in the remote worker revolution, run your own business (or run it better) and network with like-minded people around the globe, this is your Nexus!

The purpose and the mission of Nexus VA is to offer on-demand courses for virtual assistants provided by experienced and expert virtual assistants in their respective niches.

Is there anyone better to learn from? We don’t think so!

If you like how this sounds so far, you’re going to love the Freebies that come with your Membership to Nexus VA. Valuable goodies that will help you in your VA business like:

Vetted Virtual Assistant Job Leads

Members-only Facebook Group

Google Indexed Profiles and Promotions

Discounts on Virtual Assistant Software

and we’re planning a whole lot more!

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  1. a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
    “the nexus between industry and political power”
    • a connected group or series.
      “a nexus of ideas”
    • the central and most important point or place.
      “the nexus of all this activity was the disco” “


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Meet Jami, the founder of Nexus VA. After 9 years as a Virtual Assistant, this website was conceived and created to help Virtual Assistants get over the learning curve more quickly and to develop new skills to stay competitive in the VA marketplace.  Have a question, comment or concern? Contact Jami

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